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Truck Scales can solve a lot of problems with goods, which are transported by road. This article will help make a right choose truck scales. Reliable and precise work item weight control directly affects the company’s profit or loss.

Company “Asia Scale” manufactures and installs various models of truck scales with capacity from 10 ton to 100 ton. Various modifications of the scales for every client.

How to choose truck scales? What need for you?

To do this, you must answer a series of questions:

1. When choosing the length of the weighbridge is necessary to determine which types of cars or trucks to be weighed?

Make a list of cars and trucks (axial total length). Foundation scales must be longer than the distance between the axis of the longest car no less than a meter. Consistent separate weighing trucks without uncoupling (first truck, then a trailer) has a large uncertainty compared with the total weighting.

2. When choosing the type of truck scales is necessary to determine what kind of transport is often weighing in the scales?

For weighing only utility vehicles (trucks) you need to choose rut scales. If more often small car you can choose bridge scales (weighbridge).

3. Next, you must determine the location for your truck scales according to your roads, buildings, transmission lines.

Please note that the trailer has to travel a little further without turns. Position defines the type of foundation (depending on the soil and the existing road surface), and the type of installation (ramp or pit).

4. Select the location of the operator’s truck scales and position of the scales indicator (terminal).

This affects the choice of the type of house operator weight and length of the transmission lines, communication cables, as well as installation costs.

5. Determine the need to automate the accounting operations.

For example, secure e-zine weighing, automatic filling of overhead, integration with software, etc. It depends on this choice of electronic equipment and software.

6. Select the required attachments and equipping the item weight control.

Fencing, railing stops. The type and size canopy, optional equipment – external duplicate boards, traffic lights, barriers, control systems, photo or video recording and so on


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Keep in mind on how to choose truck scales will depend on further profit of your company.

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