Economic efficiency truck scales

Do you have a business selling rice, but you do not have truck scales.
Your customer has a truck with a load capacity of 2300 kg. You load a full truck and sell it for example for 34 500 baht.
Your business is developing well and you shipped for 2 cars each day.
Your income is 69,000 baht per 4600 kg of rice. (15 baht per 1 kg)

Measurement accuracy

Your customers do not trust you and produce weighing on their scales when accepting the goods on his enterprise. Weight obtained product is 2275 kg. Although you planned that loaded 2300 kg of rice. Buyer required to return the 375 baht for lost kilos.
750 baht each day is 273,750 baht per year.
And it is your loss of profits, because it is likely that the blame for the lost weight is on the buyer, because he carries out transportation.

The same situation may occur if you purchase a product, such as the rice into bags. You spend a check weighing of one bag of rice, and gain 20 kg for 1 bag. The seller sells you 115 bags of rice, but in the end leaves you only 2242 kg, but not 2300 kg.
870 baht your lost profits in this case.

Of course everything is highly dependent on your volume, but the installation of its truck scales greatly help with the purchase or sale of goods.


In our situation, with rice and two cars on the day of truck scales pays for 1 year. And most importantly, the accuracy will allow you to look good to the purchaser.
The approximate cost of the installation of truck scales is 300 000 THB (price is highly dependent on many factors).
Loss of profit in the sale of rice is 273,750 baht. So we do not take into account the fact that the buyer is more likely to appeal to more accurate provider than the dealer without truck scales.
Cheating and fair play – do not forget about it.
Buy truck scales and do not worry.

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