Mechanical, analog and digital scales

Truck scales for a long time are not mechanical. But about analog and digital scales, there are many misconceptions.

Mechanical scales

This type of scales came first than others. As part of these scales have a pretty simple spring mechanism, which of course has disadvantage. The main disadvantage of mechanical scales – their accuracy is not matched to modern standards.
But you can meet mechanical scales in the markets and small shops. They are easy to use.
Truck scales can also be mechanical, but now there is an active their upgrade.

Analog and digital scales

Modern electronic truck scales can be used in its design analog or digital electronics. A great misconception to assume that when using analog electronics, digital terminal will not, and the weight display will show arrows on as many household scales. In this case meaning how the signal is transmitted from the sensor to the terminal – an analog or digital.
In fact, the differences are not so much, but should pay attention to the signal transmission range.
In cases where the terminal is located near the truck scales (at a distance of not more than 25 meters), you can safely use the analog electronics, with little save on the cost of sensors.
In other cases, when the terminal is used in a sufficiently large distance from the location of the truck scales up to 450 meters, it is recommended to use the digital load cells and transmit a signal through a special signal cable.
As a rule, small agricultural businesses, farmers and small businesses, often prefer the use of analog electronics as part of their truck scales.
Digital electronics used mainly in large agricultural facilities, industrial plants and refineries.

Our company recommends the use of analog load cell wherever possible. But remember analog load cell do not make your truck scales mechanical. Your scales will remain the digital scales, both with digital load cell and analog load cell.

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