Example upgrade truck scales

Our company has for many years successfully perform upgrade truck scales.

The main causes upgrade

The main reason was the strain of the barrier. The barriers are made of hollow metal tubes. This is not enough, that would not prevent the accident. You can see the bending the metal tube in the photos below. Old scales no longer meet the requirements of the customer. There is a need to weigh the cars and trucks that are larger in dimensions and weight.

New truck scales

With new weights have an opportunity to weigh all the cars that are used by the customer.
Installation of truck scales has been performed on the solid foundation. This type of foundation has been chosen as a more reliable and one of the only possible in this type of soil. These scales will last a long time. Metal structures were covered with a special paint which protects against corrosion.
New scales have wide ramps for arrival. Wide ramps can accelerate the weighing process, as well as make it more secure. Reinforced fence will protect the vehicle from possible accidents. End portion of the protective barriers made of concrete it will help keep the tires of vehicles in case of collision.
The color chosen by the customer. Our company can make any color scale. But most often used bright colors. The most popular combination of red and white. In this case, the customer choose the green and yellow. This combination also is acceptable from a safety standpoint. Bright color makes it easy to work in the evening.

Upgrade truck scales is necessary because any designs of metal corrosion. Safety first.

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