Truck scales mounted on a support

Regular order is made. Truck scales are mounted on a support. Creating an additional foundation is not required.

Features the order

In this case, the client already had a good foundation, which is not desirable to destroy. The best type of installation truck scales in this case is the installation on a support.
This option avoids the problems associated with the installation of truck scales in a pit. For example, when installing on a support do not require creation storm-water drainage. This type of installation is chosen by many of our customers, because it is cheaper and easier to maintain. But this type of installation is not available to all customers. Initially it needs a good foundation.

Report installation truck scales mounted on a support

Truck scales were installed in time. The color was chosen classic – blue. These scales are digital. Sensors were used analog. Installation no problems.

If you want to order the truck scales to call us: 093-610-90-92

truck scales mounted on a support

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