Company “Asia Scale” provides maintenance service truck scales, belt scales and process weighing equipment.

The key difference from the repair service is that the planned service – a preventive measure. Its main task is to identify and prevent possible damage and failure to avoid costly downtime and replacement parts during repair businesses.

Through years of experience, highly skilled and powerful resource base, the company’s service engineers to quickly, efficiently and in the agreed time frame provides comprehensive services of any of weighing equipment manufacturers.

At the conclusion of the Agreement for the routine maintenance  service truck scales you get:

1. Trouble-free operating equipment.

2. Response within 24 hours

3. Efficiency of work thanks to a powerful resource base and the presence of its own large parts warehouse.

4. Round the clock technical support hotline.

5. Organization of state verification of any weighing equipment in all the regions of Thailand.

A list of works carried out during maintenance service truck scales:

  • lack of verification bias weighbridge from the optimal operating status
  • mechanical damage of the platform and beams;
  • check for cracks on dangerous sections of the welds;
  • adjustment of backlashes, thrusts
  • tightening bolt and screw connector assemblies;
  • checking alignment sensor alignment, if necessary;
  • definition of uniform load distribution on the sensors;
  • determining baseline characteristics of each sensor;
  • determine the degree of development of the working surface of the sensor;
  • replacement of oil in the sensor (if necessary);
  • check (replace if necessary) anther on the sensors;
  • check the strength of the contacts in the junction box;
  • checking the integrity of cable lines;
  • Determination of resistance to power and signal cable lines;
  • software update.
  • checking ground loop and grounding tires;
  • calibration and adjustment of the equipment (if the reference load);
  • testing scales to meet the requirements of metrological characteristics.

To maintain your balance in good condition and ensure the accuracy of weighing is necessary to carry out periodic maintenance at least once every 6 months (temperature extremes of winter-summer may lead to changes in the gaps, changes in the state of lubrication in sensors) thus ensuring trouble-free operation throughout the life operation.

After completing service of truck scales, you’ll be sure that the scales are running smoothly and most importantly – correctly!