Truck Scales

Company “Asia Scale” produces a wide range of truck scales for static and dynamic weighing.

Various designs of truck scales can satisfy any customer requirements.

Depending on where your balance, the type of cargo (with / agricultural products, coal, metal, building materials, etc.) And on the size of cars that will be weighed in the balance, select the optimal design of vehicle scales.
The length of the load weighing device from 6 to 24 meters.
Weighing 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 60, 80 and 120 tonnes
Measurement error truck scales no more than 0.1%.

Electronic scales for weighing vehicles distinguish between static and on the move using a strain of leading world manufacturers of equipment Zemic USA inc, HBM (Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH).

Truck scales for static weighing

truck scales

Truck scales for static weighing of cars and trucks are characterized by the greatest limit of weighing and loading area length of the platform. The design of the weighing of several sections can be easily disassembled and requires no special vehicles in transit.

Truck scales are designed for weighing vehicles displaying the weighing results in the weight indicator and then duplicate on a computer to form a report on the weighing.

Scales are mounted on the surface (trestle type) or in a pit.

Scales without foundations do not require construction and are mounted on a section of road, which has a solid asphalt or concrete, and also on dirt roads or gravel roads in the presence of concrete slabs.

Truck scales for weighing in motion

Produced by our company, electronic truck scales for weighing in movement of cars and trucks can be used by traffic and customs services for the control of the axial load. The total weight of the vehicle is determined by summing the results of weighing each axle sequential collision with truck scales.

Structurally offered two versions of scales for weighing in movement: Automobile balance, portable and stationary skid to the foundation. Truck scales for special purposes

For heavy trucks, our company has developed a special-purpose automobile scales. Automobile balance with reinforced design platform and strain gauges to allow heavy loads to weigh vehicles weighing up to 150 tons.

“Asia Scales” makes the reconstruction of mechanical scales with increasing load capacity and length of the platform to the automation of the weighing process.

Our company is engaged in the design, manufacture, sale, supply and installation of truck scales in any region of Thailand. For more information about how to choose, buy scales, learn from the managers of our company by telephone: 093-610-90-92