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“Asia Scale” is very well aware of how much popular social network in the world today. They bring together billions of people around the world.
This remarkable technology is helping us to deliver information in the most convenient form.

Perhaps the best social network Social Network Facebook

Facebook now there for everyone. This social network in our opinion is the most popular in Thailand.
We also have our own Facebook page. Asia Scale Facebook page. Be sure to sign up and receive all our news.

Social network short message – Twitter

Microblogging is not very popular in Thailand, but we decided to use it. Microblogging service is also very convenient thing.
We have our own Twitter page. Asia Scale Twitter page. We are looking forward to new subscribers.


Also, our administrators have added our company to Flickr photo service and a social network Plurk. Asia Scale Flikr page and Asia Scale Plurk page.
Follow our news. Do not forget to share with your friends.
Best Regards, “Asia Scale”.

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