Base information about truck scales

What is this truck scales?

General information

Truck scales – it is system designed to measure the weight of the freight transported by road, by measuring the weight of loaded and empty transport.
It can also be used to monitor compliance with legal requirements and axial load wheel motor vehicles by weighing in dynamics or static. Truck scales can be used in various industries that require weighing of transport, laden with raw materials: metallurgy, mining, fuel and energy sector, construction, agriculture, etc. On the basis of truck scales are designed and implemented an automated system of accounting and control of material flow.

To measure weight using different load cells. Information from the load cell on the cable is supplied to an electronic unit weights (typically a microcontroller-based), which provides not only the output results of measurements on the display, but also a function of calibration of scales, and can also support an interface with a personal computer.

Installation methods

  1. With foundation. Truck scales are mounted on a special concrete or reinforced concrete foundation. The foundation can be placed only on the joints or platforms can be a solid (located under the entire surface of the weights). Check-scale transport is carried out on the ramp, made of metal, concrete, or composite materials.
  2. Without foundation. To mount the weights used road slabs. Plates are placed directly on the ground or on sand and gravel bed. In this method, installing foundations are not required. Without foundation installation method it is the most simple and cheap, suitable for all kinds of scales, however there are some restrictions on the type of soil and climatic conditions.
  3. Flush. In this installation method scales are mounted flush with the ground surface on the foundation and arranged drainage system. This type of installation does not require ramps and side rails, which reduces the space occupied by the weights.
  4. Plain portable scales. This kind of scales are characterized by simple design and small size, do not require the production of special foundations. Scales can be installed directly on the roadway, on firm ground.


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